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Maplus GM Cold Boost Liquid, -8°C...-22°C, 75ml

Fluor free liquid boost for racing.

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Fluor free liquid boost for racing. Use for all type of snow, new and transformed, artificial and natural, with snow temperature from -22°C to -8°C. Performancing use with air humidity between 50% and 80%. Recommended cold application with manual felt. Always overlap GM BOOST liquid on GM BASE Solid or Gel.

All type of snow

Temp -22° / -8°C

Humidity 30 / 80%


1. Drip the ski wax, spread it with a felt pad to cover all the ski base (useful the pad MTO118);

2. Allow the still liquid wax to penetrate into the spreaded area with rubbing and pressing action with the pad and repeat the same procedure on the whole ski base;

3. Wait five minutes for the ski wax to harden;

4. Free the ski & edge side from the hardened wax with a plexy scraper;

5. Brush the ski base with forward and backward movements pressing with a manual hard nylon brush;

6. Brush the ski base with a hard horsehair manual or roto brush;

7. Polish the ski base with a soft manual or nylon roto brush;

8. For a final touch, polish the ski base with 12 mm merino wool roller.

GM BOOST Liquid must be always overlapped on GM BASE Solid or Gel

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