Optiwax Gripcare fluid for Nanogrip and Optigrip skis, 60ml

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Gripcare® - service product for Optigrip-, Nanogrip- and other waxless skis:

  • Increases glide and grip properties
  • Prevents icing in the problematic conditions
  • Cleans the surface of the ski

Optiwax Gripcare® is a new product made for Optigrip- and Nanogrip- skis. The waxes and nanoskis are built upon the same technology to ensure their perfect compatibility.

Gripcare increases function of Optigrip- and Nanogrip-skis. It enhances their glide and grip properties, cuts the time needed to reach the completely functionality and prevent icing.

Gripcare fluid can easily be spread on the ski with the sponge. Gripcare will increase pleasure of skiing and it is essential choice for new Optigrip- or Nanogrip-ski owner.

Instructions for use:

Increase of glide properties:

  • Spread Gripcare® whit help of sponge on the surface of ski.
  • Wait few minutes.
  • Ski is ready for skiing.


  • Spread Gripcare whit help of spongeplug on the surface of ski.
  • Wait few minutes.
  • Wipe the treated area with fabric.
  • Repeat treatment again if necessary.
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