Fluoro ban for season 20-21 was postponed by FIS!

Fluoro is totally legit for upcoming season! However, new EU regulations restrict factories to produce high-fluoro products. There is a new formula on market that is more enviromental friendly, so most of well-known top-coating products (powders, gels, blocks) are out of producing! Don't be late, order your favorite top-coatings now! "The Council decided in November 2019 that the use of fluorinated ski wax will be banned for all FIS disciplines from the 2020-21 season which have been shown scientifically to have a negative environmental and health impact. Regulations have been established which impact the manufacturing of these products. FIS strongly supports the ban on Fluorinated waxes and its appointed Working Group has worked tirelessly in the last months to develop a testing device and implement testing and sanctioning protocols across all disciplines in time for the start of the 2020-21 season. However, due to unforeseen delays in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic, the FIS Working Group concluded that the testing device will not be ready to be implemented by the start of the upcoming season. FIS remains dedicated to upholding the ban, and the Council approved having all systems in place for implementation by Summer 2021." (www.fis-ski.com)
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