NEW! Introducing new Gallium No Fluoro top gliders!

*D-Control is no-fluoro glider developed as a base wax for long distance races on spring snow and dirty snow. Original mixture to keep dirt, dust, sand and grease away from skis. Use as base wax and apply METALLIC ION series and GIGA SPEED series (Fluor) on its base, to make more “Anti Dirt" skis for your endurance.

*METALLIC ION series: Including "Ionized Metal" as the raw material for first the first time in the world. By using the ionized metal, improved the dispersibility and the fixing to base of ski. GALLIUM METALLIC ION_BLOCK is no-fluoro paraffin wax, but it has the same gliding performance as fluoro powder wax. GALLIUM METALLIC ION_BLOCK is extremely dirt-repellent and it is more durable wax than any other waxes.

*Giga Speed BN_BLOCK - Fluor-free solid additive wax with BN compound. Combine it with other waxes to reduce friction and increase wax endurance. Go faster...longer! BN compound is characterized by low attraction between molecular layers resulting in good glide and by high resistance to hard snow crystals

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