NEW! Spine skiboots new collection available!

Spine collection is now in stock.

Spine is a Russian ski boots producer and the largest ski boot factory in Europe. Historically Spine used to produce mainly entry level ski boots. During last years, Spine has worked really hard to grow its market share with top level ski boots.

New boots as Carrera and Ultimate have been seeing more and more on the tracks in the last season. Great quality, appearance and price make Spine as top-level boots and very appealing for athletes.

Boots from Concept series (Concept Classic, Concept Skate Pro and Concept Combi) are perfect boots for sport schools, enthusiasts and beginners. Great value for the money!

Entry level boots as Relax, Loss, Comfort etc. are ideal for ski sets, for children and amateurs.

So, we have boots for everyone. Visit our web-shop and find the right pair for yourself:

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