Rode TLine gripwaxes- created for the World Cup service!

Have you already skied with new Rode TLine (Top Line) grip waxes and klisters?

TLINE Waxes specially created for the World Cup a few years ago at the request of national teams skimen. Recently they have been gaining great popularity among cross-country skiers thanks to their quality and results. As already high level classic Rode STICK and KLISTER waxes weren’t enough, these variants are their evolutions, ensuring the same grip, but even more sliding.

You probably have heard about Rode WC series gripwaxes like "-3...-10", -1...-7 etc. Now here they are! For 2020, directly from the cases of the Ski Wax Test of the World Cup, to expand the range of high performance products in the catalog for all fans we have four new entries: *B15, B17, B310 into Stick Top Line *KRS3 into Klister top Line


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